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Okay guys idk if this will help anyone, but i accidentally figured it out.I am going to get the celeron processor and a new motherboard and test it out.

A PSU misbehaving badly enough to affect low-power local regulators to the point of damaging circuitry further downstream would likely cause multiple other system-wide issues.

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How can I power my 6-pin PCI Express card without using an. Some of the things that might not work correctly: Some PCIe cards might. Computer PCIE slot power.

Hi, 1,5 years ago i build a PC for a friend with the following components: After 1 year all the PCI-E slots did not recognized any GPU.can you run SLI skipping the middle PCIe slot?. my doubts about the SLI working in slot 1. in the 3rd PCI-Express x16 slot? If not i'd try that and.I will have to buy a new motherboard and send the old one on RMA.

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If the slots mysteriously stop working, it could be a CPU-related issue.I was thinking that i could maybe be an issue with the MSI chipset.PCI-E 3.0 slots will not CLOCK DOWN to PCI-E 1.0 speed and so boards are not working. UEFI Bios adds additional locks so that drivers and option roms will also not.

Repairing a broken PCI express slot. some of which the damage is to the PCI-e x16 slots. which I now have working in my.Since the problem reoccurred after three weeks from swapping the motherboard out, I would say maybe two month.The GPU that came from the broken motherboard works fine in my PC.Card slot problems also account for the failure of many current components inside your machine.

Just Bought 1 of those radeon R7 card and the pcie 3.0 slot on my asrock B85M board is not working @ full x16 as it should>stock @ x8 confirmed by a couple tools with.

I have tried to put my own GPU in the PC, it does not give any signal.Now check the Device Manager to see if the device is registering correctly.If the same device works in this new slot, it is probable that the other PCI slot is malfunctioning.I put in my personal gpu, but this time i inserted the the vga from the onboard, as well as the hdmi from the gpu into my monitor. no display came on (source was on vga), so i changed source to hdmi and voilla.

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[SOLVED] ATI RADEON HD5450 1GB DDR3 not. ATI RADEON HD5450 1GB DDR3 not working within the. compatible with a PCI-e 1.0 slot, that's not necassarily.The second time his PCI-E slot stopped working he was using the PC and playing BF3.

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You could reduce the likelihood of the PSU being a factor by trying the lowest-power GPU you can get your hands on.

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InvalidError said: I would say the PSU is improbable since practically no sensitive electronics in modern PCs is powered directly from PSU rails - everything uses point-of-load regulators which are usually surprisingly rugged against mild abuse.InvalidError said: jpdsc said: I was thinking that i could maybe be an issue with the MSI chipset.If the slot still will not function, it is likely that the PCI slot circuit has been permanently damaged.Troubleshooting through parts swaps can get frustrating but it is still much less expensive than a 15GHz scope with matching differential probes.

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I even put in another gpu, still no display, only display output from the onboard.

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Preadator 3610 PCIE slot not working. The onboard Video card is working on my Predator 3610, but the PCIe X16 slot is not recognizing any video card I put in it.Further test this theory by installing another known-good device in the questionable slot.

I restarted it a few times and its booting up perfectly yet again.Leaf Group Media Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox.I have an eVGA geforce 8400GS 512MB DDR3 card, and it will just not operate on my mb. I figured out that these cards have only PCIe 2.0 and 1.1 support.Please note im not an idiot, i tried this before but it didnt work. only when i inserted both, the pc displayed from the gpu.

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I would buy one in a heart beat if it's bootable on a motherboard that doesn't have any m.2 slots. but does not work for. carry PCIe lanes, (not.Pci e slot on laptop >. Laptops do not come with spare internal PCI-E slots,. Solved Headset mic not working in Combined audio/mic slot Asus Gaming Laptop.